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Archive Monthly Archives: February 2018

Paper Straws Offered at Chocolate Cafe Henley

The humble plastic straw’s days may be numbered! It may not have entirely escaped your notice but plastic straws have been getting a lot of bad press recently. Plastic has come to the fore with programmes like Blue Planet 2 highlighting the damage done to our seas and eco-system.

With that in mind, Chocolate Cafe Henley has decided to ditch plastic straws altogether and are now going to buy and offer degradable paper straws instead.

There is, of course, a price to pay as paper straws are 5 times more expensive than plastic. We think our customers would prefer to be as eco-friendly as possible. Whilst there is a large price difference the cafe doesn’t think this will need to be passed onto customers.

Please let us know what you think by commenting below.

Best wishes from Chocolate Cafe Henley.

Baby UGG Boot Found

Did anyone lose a baby’s UGG? … found at the Cafe … to claim please call 01491411412