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Complaints and Concerns

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Our big focus is to find ways to deliver a great customer experience but things happen sometimes which may mean we have let you down in some way.

If that's the case, we want to hear from you. We read all comments (good or bad). If you wish to leave a testimonial, we have another place to go which is here; Testimonial

To voice a concern or make a complaint, please leave it below.

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  • Emily Powell says:

    We entered cafe with our young newborn baby in a pram and other family and the service was absolutely terrible. The staff and owner were rude. We had to ask the young waiter to stop running past our baby with hot drinks hovering over her and he even dared to tell my partner that he was in the way. When the owner came to take orders for all of us she ignored my partner who then went without a drink. We were basically ignored and made to feel like we were in the way. Food wasn’t worth the price either. Don’t know why the owner and staff think customers can be treated that way. Incredibly arrogant.

  • Joëlle says:

    I didn’t really know, the chocolate cafe had a website.Since my last visit to the cafe, I was really hoping to let my feelings known. When the café was first opened, I thought it was wonderful everything was right . Specially the slices of cake were quite big, and my baked cheesecake was always wonderful. But my last visit to this wonderful place, left me very sad. The coffee which I will always have a cappuccino, was lukewarm but,the slice of cake was very thin.I know times are hard but I was so disappointed, after eating my cake I couldn’t even remember what I just had to eat. Very poor,so very poor. After telling everyone for so many years how good it was. I just had to say to everyone that after all I made a mistake.

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